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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 6, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the country, successfully elude add rest because he changed his name again, he lived here mostly under the name dan ferian, his name when he died. kevin vanished in february, 198 4, leaving basketball practice at aness school gym and wait forward a bus just a block from the house. a search ensued. his picture on the front of news week and milk cartons.nn0 volunteers scoured the city two. witnesses told police they saw kevin talking to a man with a dog, the first man said kevin was at the bus stop. the second witness said the boy was in front of the home. ferian was questioned and his flat searched a week after the disappearance but police did not look in the backyard or the basement. dogs discover md sm bones in the basement floor of the house. they were sent to the lab for
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analysis. investigators from the medical skmer office said they were probably from an animal. well, we're told today at the briefing that police did know about the fisherman's wharf arrest at the time of the disappears yens. that is why they'd interviewed and searched his hem on messo nismt c avenue. the search produced nudging and a photo spread produced no matches from witnesses. they told us that they didn't know about the canadian section kex and arrest until recently when the cold case unit began looking at this case. >> new at 6:00 kevin collins aunt and uncle say they were hoping for more today. they watched the news conference. his uncle appreciates effort police are making but thinks investigators let jackson slip their fingers in the 08s. >> got to give sfpd credit for reopening the case and putting
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a lot of resources behind it but they were so close they should have had it. what they're doing now, looks like they're doing everything. we had an office right next door to where this guy was. we were there six months and he he was living that whole time probably laughing at us, you know? it's my feeling. i think they should have had him. >> his aunt says she's not sure why police are making such an effort now to search for a suspect. >> fairfield police are asking for your help to find a killer of a 7th grade girl. the guardian reported her missing thursday evening. the-]9ñm girl's naked body discovered friday morning at allen wit park. today investigators say an autopsy confirmed she was killed but they have not said now. police nort releasing any information about possible suspects but say they do have
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evidence. >> cautious information released is appropriate and timely at the right time we're looking for the suspect in this case and make sureom%ñ we'e going to have a successful prosecution. >> take a look. this surveillance photo joes janell thursday afternoon near railroad avenue about four northern alliance miles where she was discovered dead. police asking for businesses to share service photos or video they may have. >> murders of three people near sebastapol are connected to a drug deal that went sour. we're live detailsi]÷ with new details in this case. >> dan, the sheriff investigators made at announcement here at their head quarters this afternoon saying three victims came to this area to deal in marijuana.
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sky 7 was over the house yesterday afternoon. bodies were discovered inside!x of a bedroom of a rented house. hours before the anonsment neighbors told me they suspected drugs were involved. >> you canva;úñ look around. you know what sonoma county bricks. -- brings. marijuana growing. >> who wants to wipe out three people unless -- who could be that bad?cpénl >> probably drug-related. >> based on interviews and evidence collected at the scene, we now believe this was a marijuana drug deal resulted in the death of the three victims. >> the sheriff spokesman said neighbors have reason for the drug suspicions. >> meft violent crimes are related to marijuana theft of marijuana, growing of
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marijuana. >> the lieutenant says one of the victims came here to his mother's house while she's away and brought with him two other partners. all three were attempting to buy what the sheriff's department described as a significant amount of pot. yesterday afternoon the department got a 911 phone call from raleigh butler's brother who6óñ had gone to the house to check on his brother, and he his girlfriend discovered the bodis. people living near the house said they heard what sounded like shots around mid day but didn't investigate. the lieutenant says the department has some lead autos we're working on leads and workingóopz on interviewing asowits of three victims. >> and i think we're going to leave it at that. >> they have put together
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quite a bit and investigators tomorrow will learn more as autopsies reveal what gun or guns were used in this killing. >> investigators say a space heater placed too close to a bed is the likely cause of a fire that gutd a home in the berkeley hills flames extended the length of the home with what appears to be a roof of wooden shingles. the home burned near the sight of the oakland hills fire storm killing 25 people. nobody was hurt in this fire. and the flames did not spread to any nearby homes. >> a freak accident sent seven people to the hospital today on the powell street line. the car came to a stop abc 7 news was on the scene right after the accident. that is where she is live now oo. seven people were taken to the hospital including conduct skbror a grip operator. the accident happened about
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10:00 this morning. the culprit of both the size of this key. this bolt caused a cable car to come to a stop.ddm including conductor and grip operator. this woman described the zeent a french man was leading. and another was bleeding. a child.gwj and we didn't know what happened. >> the injury report is that all passengers sty![s3on the vehicle, not ejected. >> technicians managed to remove the bolt which somehow got into the cable groove. accord together agency, the cable car was traveling down hill on powell street at about nine miles per hour.
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the bolt came from a hatch cover on the tracks then wedged itself in the channel. >> this was lodged down in there. when the car came down and impacted the coldum%x, -- bolt,t stopped. >> according to muni an larm was supposed to go off. it didn't. muni is now investigating why it failed. nearly 24,000 people relie on this 19th century technology.8fr mostly tourists. according to an i team report cable cars caused the most injuries of any form of transportation in the country. >> some people were tourists and they were supposed to get on a cruise this afternoon. unfortunately the ship left without them.
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>> when we come back here tonight protecting great white shark. you're going to hear from a local expert on whether this fish should be listed endangered. >> we're looking at mainly clear, dry conditions now but it could be wet for the morning commute. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> special cases7?6mrgg your smart phone look like a tape or a fried egg but will that fool a robber? ahead on 7 on your side disguises for your smart phone. >> pebble beach, god waits for tee times here. >> hollywood celebrities got >> hollywood celebrities got into tightwell, well, well.
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the state department of fish and game voted to make the great white shark a candidate for the endangered species list. the reason is that some say the population is dwindling but this decision is not without controversy. >> california already has some of the strongest law pros detectiving great whites. scientists consider them to be important but the question whether they're endangered is still up in the air. fish and game sat listening to reasons for further protections for the great white shark. jeff explained why he's brought this matter before the commission and wants the shark on the state endangered piece ease list.
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>> science has shown there could be less than 100 females left of the breeding population. >> there are concerns research is faulty. fishermen who testified before the commission dispute the claims. >> there is a lot more white sharks now than 10 q(5@f ago. tacks up, sightings up. >> others claim they catch and release most white sharks they say very few are killed one expert on white sharks is with the california academy of sciences and has written several books on the preda store and asked to joint campaign. he declined. >> no one has demonstrated numbers are declining. and evidence presented by some suggests numbers are increasing. >> he says the danger is to the endangered species act saying not having proof of the decline could hurt the
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california fishing economy if did he the don't deserve that protection and fishermen go out of business because they're overly protected, then that is a mistake. >> just placing it for consideration on the list gives it the same protection. it also means restrictions on gill fishing will be put into place. this summer they will consider putting them opt federal endangered species list. >> fish and game commission decided it will not stop a controversial coyote hunting contest in murdock county. the goal is to see who can ée$dthere is also concern the first whild wolf known to be in california for years nicknamed journey may be in that area. >> concern journey could be
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killed by a coyote hunter. >> they will be advised that the gray wolf is a protected animal and shooting of the wolf is a violation of such law. >> hollywood stars took over and entertained crowds today at pebble beach. it has been a tradition for 50 years. what a fun assignment. >> beautiful weather. very to say a tournament is normally very stayed affair there is no talking or interaction, certainly no screaming. today that was okay. >> it was one of those days for espn anchor a golfer is glad there aren't pictures on the score card.
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when this is a view it's pretty hard to get upset. >> pebble beach not a cloud. l is the ocean. people are here. and 49ers in the super bowl. hello? >> go. go. >> there were seriously good shots hit bit the like of kenny g, real goal was to have fun. >> bring stuff for ebay it was a da day for autograph seekers and a few screenings. >> what is screaming about? >> josh dummal was up there and cars yn daily. >> ray romano knows playing ;f even if the game isn't quite
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where he'd like it to be. >> this game sni never know what this game is look looking like. when this looks good, it looks bad. >> then, there is bill murray. a guy who cannot only hit but also share a laugh with just about anyone about anything. >> your loss here sittingt;fs dominican republic -- crying and weeping. then this fellow showed up to take you back to your house. your home, have you a home, i'm sure. >> i was not weeping ways sitting by the rope. bill murray came up to me, put my chin in his hand asked me if i were a lost child. if it sounds nonsensical it was but that is what he does. ask that is why everybody here loves him. >> and you never know where he
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is coming from. >> he is so fun to follow inpp that tournament. >> new look he's got there. >> he must northbound a movie. >> no showers down there. >> not yet. but it's true. showers will be work their way down there. here is a live view from our high definition mount tam -- east bay hills camera. still brightness there from the sunset which occurred nearly an hour ago. clear skies now but we do expect it to get cloudy clouds thicken during overnight hours. temperatures into low 50s around the bay area. these are the forecast features, will be turning
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cloudy nofr night. more showers into afternoon. there is a chance of showers by friday morning. a blast of cold air comes in behind a frontal is tim. there is a beach hazard statement about highest tides of the month. let's take a look here comes a frontal system bringing us clouds and showers. from behind that front. chilly conditions but first talking about showers. there will be at least scattered showers around the bay area, some wet spots for early morning commute by mid morning we'll see frontal sweeping farther south ward and eastward continuing into afternoon. there will be wet spots for
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evening commute. behind that front a little bit of a break. more showers and some snow may develop by afternoon friday moshing.sssl some greater peaks and there is a chance early friday morning of isolated thunderstorms but notice litter in morning hours a chance of lingering snow and by afternoon, we clear out. rainfall totals not expected to be impressive before a quarter to half an inch. big change is the drop in temperatures. sierra, winter weather advisory is in effect thursday morning through friday morning for just two, three inches of snow about three inches above 2500 feet. and chain controls travel delays are likely. low temperatures mid to upper 30s.
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low 40s around the bay. here is the accu-weather friday. we'll get milder weather sunday and saturday, and sunday. then, next week we'll have a miltder pattern than now with highs around 60 degree autos okay. thanks spencer. >> coming up next marin county top prosecutor promises to make good on a gun buy back pleejrv
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marin county district attorney says he will make good on cash vouchers in the bay back program. the county had to hand out voucher whitz ran out of cash. the board of supervisors and city council if you received one you can redeem it at the marin civic center. the mayor appointed karm onhsu as the city's new assessor today. she replaces former assessor who was elected to the state assembly. the mayor plans to take 30 dyes find a replacement for hsu. >> the death of seven people in northern california swept away by sneaker waves thispi÷ winter has the coast guard on alert and warning us. today, cruise were practicing ocean rescues off half moonv8;ñ bay.
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this is as national weather service issued a beach outlook. people drowned after going into the ocean to rescue a dog caught by a wave. >> your dog is swept away. first don't go in after them. they'll for the most part larger dogs just meant for swimming and will be fine. we've seen is that dogs make it back okay and people don't. >> sneaker waves can knock you owe to the ground and the coast guard advises all of us never to turn our backs on the ocean. not even for just a moment. >> still head here tonight end of weekend mail delivery to home. our dire the situation is at the u.s. postal service. >> microsoft gives a sneak peek at pricey new tab blet. tonight, tablet wars. will the surface pro rise to the top?
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it looks like a 150-year-old tradition is coming to an end. u.s. postal service announced it will no longer deliver first class mail on saturdays. >> did you know until 1958 the postal service delivered pail twice per day. now, saturday delivery could come to an end. a severe money crunch threat
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dwrond do what neither rain nor sleet is ever supposed to. stopping you from getting mail saturday. >> what i need delivered on saturday, i need it since 2006 wreef noticed a decline in first class mail. more people are transitioning to online. and that has been reflected in the bottom line. >> the postal service says it lost nearly $16 billion last year aknown. much to health care payments for future retirees. usps has made other moves over the years. officials have conkol sol dated 200 senters nationwide including one input peta luma. eliminating routes reduced hours at 9,000 post offices and trimmed work force by 193,000 employees. ending saturday delivery cut
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another 35,000 jobs nationwide.÷z8j and save $2 billion a year. >> in october the postal service had less than four days of wash on hand. it's a scary situation. not a position a business should be in. >> if they can't deliver saturday, they can deliver friday or monday. >> yes. i usually come in on saturdays to pick up mail. >> the post master believes he can implement the schedule without congressional approval but the union representing letter carriers says, quote if he thinks he's above the law or has the right to decide policy matters, it's time for him to step down. so that shows you a little bit of the controversy. letter carriers will deliver
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on saturdays priority and express mail and post offices already open on saturdays will stay open but there are several months before@3x this is schedule td take affect. plenty of time to get involved. >> new details this neng the hunt for three people police say broke into a home in december. plos have arrested all three snekts west sacramento. abc 7 news found the homeowner in the street after the break in. he tried to stop the thieves from backing into his driveway. police recovered evidence in this case when searching the home. >> if you have trouble getting internet access two big yesterday to disrupt a major crime operation. the online crime ring was hijacking search results, hitting business was fee
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that's they did not owe then infecting personal computers. microsoft discovered the ring and they think they've brought it down. >> tonight welcome news for outdoor enthusists. bass pro shop as announced plans to open a big new store in south san jose. this will be built in highway 87. home depot plans to hire 80,000 new employees. and it plans to hire about 1500 people locally. >> the number of homes being bought with cash in california reached a high last year. data quick says many are rich investor buzz there are empty nest qlorz sold homes to buy less expensive ones.
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apple sold 25 billion songs on i tunes. he was given $13,000 when down loading a song called monkey drum autos microsoft fans will get a shot to pick up the tablet called surface pro and he shows how it works. >> this is where the microsoft store in pal yes alt yes. sitting next to the surface tablet, the pro looks almost identical but it's not. >> this is ventilation. >> it's a lap top in tab blet clothing and can run serious business software. >> we start talking about i 5 insert they're confused in their minds.
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>> fire up microsoft office or grab a pen to make a note. accessories are magnetic. >> the pen can rest in the charging slot. >> the surface pro isn't strictly a mobile device or a computer, it's meant to be both. >> i can't tell you how many meetings i go into people show up now with two devices. they have one they yous for conskpupgs play,abld and another they use for doing work. >> microsoft katie brown says the surface pro could end that running all windows software alongside new apps. >> full strength of a pc first and ability for tablet technology as well. >> whether you agree depepdz on point of view. >> as a tablet it's not grai. as a lap top, it's pretty good. to be a lap top you need to have a keyboard.
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>> and what he did has a proof of concept. >> if you're looking for something to buy tomorrow i it. >> coming up next a strange contraption you may have seen hovering over the bay. hovering over the bay. >> the man behind thee, sir i'ma have to ask you to
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power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir.
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i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app. if you think you can see a sports bar on san francisco bay, it's a hover craft built
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by a man that hopes it will give him a lift to a new job. he spoke about why he did it. >> if you have a hover craft what better place to show it off than san francisco bay. if you're going to build one from scratch why not make it stand out? this 29-year-old hz been working on this for years. now, he's hoping it will land him a job. >> i figure it's sort of inventive and work hard. >> i want to get one of those it made a debut during a giants game. it's been attracting attention ever since. it was trending on you tube for this drive by near the golden gate bridge. >> i tried to build a hover craft advertised in a boy
6:39 pm
scouts magazine but a quit. he drew up the plans in 2008 started building the craft. >> i taught myself how to do it. i just learned a little bit. >> the design is inspired by hollywood. in the movie a delowerin was converted into a time machine this, doesn't travel back in time. in fact it isn't a real delowerin. he built ill it with styrofoam glued together sanded down and covered in fiber glass. >> first draft took four months to build. then, second which is the yea year... about four years. project off the ground. kick starter is a web site
6:40 pm
where anyone with an idea can solicit investors. ÷x odd job tz pay for it. political science and was a crab fisherman and did things because i had to make money. a lot of hours of work. >> new, he's hoping it will grab attention and turn into a real job. he hasn't narrowed down what he wants to do and he is open to offers. >> that is my resume. >> he says he'll be showing off the resume until he finds a perfect job. >> they're going to love this probably in the top five of the zip code. but... i figured that is good, good enough. >> now, if you're interested in finding out more or think you have a job he'd be interested in go to abc 7 and we'll connect you
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if you have a smart phone you're a top target for thieves. >> you are. coming up next
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watch what happens in this video. you can see the man watching a woman with an iphone as soon as the bus stops he grabs a phone and he's gone. >> these don't care about cash they care about electronics because they can turn that around to make a profit its not just smart phones they want. but tab blet computers too. saying muggers are going for gadgets. >> i've been out whit happens. >> experts from c net watched a woman become a victim in a cafe. >> she reaches down in the bag
6:45 pm
to grab something. and a guy swipes it and runs out of the door. >> take a look at craig sitting there reading a book or is he? look what is inside. an ipad. >> look at prot duct on the table. it is a book. it's going to blend in as something that is no value. >> there is a company near san francisco making covers. one user said a burglar stole nefrg the living room but left the ipad. it looked like a book. no crook would want. >> experiments is a hard backed journal. >> looks like an egg at first look ilt looks like a... old
6:46 pm
cell phone. >> it does look like a chunky phone from 1980s but look closer, there is an iphone tucked inside. the cassette tape is hiding an iphone, too. hundreds of cases look look anything but smart phones. this one resembles a plailt of sushi, an old camera and a fried egg. but will they fool a thief? >> there are case that's look like suchy, sandwiches cassette tapes. >> they know the cases go over a smart device. so... this is especially when pulled up to your ear. >> these cases are just cool. >> police say you're better off talking it into the jacket, be aware of who may be nearby.
6:47 pm
>> i have seen all cases. and this still look like phone autos major carriers will block service on stolen phones and next year they're going to merge data bases so stolen phone from one company won't work on the service of another. if you disable the phone, you can't use tracking apps in order to find it. >> thank you. >> time fr a check of the forecast. >> yes. a cool outside, still, rain coming up. >> that is true. clouds will be here soon. showers will develop by early morn hours by afternoon we should have a showery day. goits tok a cool one.
6:48 pm
highs into load to mid-50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. cold air blasts in and it will be a chilly day with highs into low to mid-50s. and milder next week. >> thank you. >> national letter of intent day. time for teams to reload. you'll hear from stanford you'll hear from stanford david shaw and new cal coacys og
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>> coach shaw doesn't seem concerned. the cardinal returns most team to win pack 12 and rose bowl. stanford did sign three tight ends including austin cooper. part yanz won the fourth state state title.
6:52 pm
this year just 12 among them, tight end greg tablita and eric cotton. >> the brand as a university i think is respected. our football team has become respected last three years for us our pool is never going to be huge but doors were open. we found great kids that fit our university and team. >> sony dykes signed 25 players and with goff as a starter wildcats went 39th and
6:53 pm
four. other notables, the bears bolstered offensive line with five new players including eric cock ran. and this is johnson of sacramento. >> very proud of academics in this group. we first strongly they're going to represent us well. so exciting day for us, thought it's a great first class considering thing that's happened in the past year, feel strongly about this group. >> san jose state lost top recruits. the coach did sign 20 players including nico ananetti and defensive lineman keenan psyches. am yechl collins all set to sign with arkansas but his mom
6:54 pm
took off with his qlert of intent apparently wanting her son to stay closer to home. he's going to be embarrassed at school now. 49ers packed up and left but questions remain. san francisco could trade smith or pay him to be the back up. the coach says he is under contract and won't grant a wish just because he's been a good soldier. >> we feel great about the quarterback situation. i don't think any player has wishes for him. >> everything is different. >> every scenario is unique. and something we're not going get into specifics. >> romo became the team's
6:55 pm
closer last season with one win and four saves. in basketball are warriors playing in oklahoma city tonight. >> that is a tough one. >> academy awards are coming up and you can down load official oscars app. >> hollywood big night is february 24th abc 7 is the place you'll be able to see the oscars. >> that will be a fun night. >> elvis presley may seem like a long time ago. how time stopped for women. >> and then at 5:00 orphanned bears captured and cared for. the world of people that live with the gentle beasts of the sierra. >> and jimmy kimmel live now at 11:35 the guests gary clark
6:56 pm
junior tonight. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> for larry beil, rick kwan and all of us here, thanks for watching. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament! let's meet today's semifinalists --
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this ia sophomoreardy!" from warner robins, georgia... 8th grader from houston, texas... nd a senior from lexington, kentucky... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. the rest of this week will be devoted to semifinal games in which only the winner will advance to the two-day final match next week, in which they all get to play for $75,000. the two players who are eliminated in each of these semifinals will go home with $10,000 in cash. barrett, irene, and william, nice to see you again. good luck. here we go into the first part of the game. this round, as you know, has the one daily double, and it'll come up in one of these categories.
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[ laughter ] alex: all right, barrett. you start. i'll have this is crazy for $200, please. william. what is the octagon? that's it. may "b" for $200. william? what is bonjour? bonjour. yes. may "b" for $400. irene? what is a butler? butler. you got it. yeah, we went there for $200, please. we stopped by the magnificent cliffs of moher his emerald isle. william. what is ireland? yeah. may "b" for $600. barrett? what is a bruin? good. may "b" for $800, please.


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